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Houston Faith Church

Pastors Chas and Joni Stevenson

About the Pastors:
Pastor Chas was born again at age 5, in Houston, Texas, graduated from Texas A&M University with an Engineering degree, and worked five years as a business systems consultant. After fully dedicating himself to the Lord, and receiving the baptism of the Holy Spirit in 1995, Chas sensed the call to full time ministry. He received most of his Bible training from Kenneth Hagin and most of his ministry training from Angelo Mitropoulos. He served as an associate pastor for two years, beginning in 1997, then travelled as an Evangelist for about four years, preaching in local churches and also with Angelo in R.W. Schambach’s last five years of tent revivals. In 2002, at his home church, after sitting one seat in front of Joni for two years, Chas and Joni realized the precious will of God and were married. That same year, they launched out to pioneer Houston Faith Church.


Pastor Joni was born again at age 10, in Port Neches, Texas, and graduated from Lamar University with an Accounting degree, working many years as a CPA before full time ministry. Joni was baptized in the Spirit in 1994, and began serving the Lord faithfully at her home church and also in outside ministries, including overseas on several mission trips. She received most of her Bible training under Kenneth Hagin and most of her ministry training and development with Rev. Lora Alison. In 2002, while minding her own business, serving God at her home church, the Lord gave her a dream that awakened her heart to Chas and notified her they would be married. She wisely kept silent about it, but didn’t realize Chas was already “in process”, positioning himself in her pathway. They were married soon, and then launched out to pioneer Houston Faith Church together.

Note from Pastor Chas:
Did you know...that God approves of women preachers, and even women pastors?  He does.  The scriptures that have been used to silence women in churches have nothing to do with a mandate from God about who is called into pulpit ministry.  Rather, those scriptures are in the context of keeping order in the marriage relationship...that the wife should not usurp authority over her husband.  The paramount issue is about the gift of God.  It doesn't make sense that God would grace a woman with an anointing to teach and preach, and then tell her not to use it in the church.  And if you don't think that God gives preaching gifts to women, then you haven't heard Pastor Joni preach, yet.  The truth is, the scriptures that mention "silencing the women" have a mistranslated word.  The Greek word for "women" and "wives" is actually the same word.  So the translators had to choose.  They chose wrong.  In context, the Bible is always targeting husbands and wives rather than men and women.  For more information, visit our "Ask the Pastors" section.

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Pastors Chas Stevenson & Joni Stevenson

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