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Houston Faith Church
Monday, June 29 2015

"At the end of Healing School, P Joni asked those who had arthritis to come up for healing. Arthritis existed in my thumbs for years. It didn't always hurt but I could always feel a soreness or stiffness especially around the joint that connects my thumb to my hand. So I decided to go up for prayer. Shane prayed for me. He didn't ask where my pain was, but only asked if I believed Jesus could heal me. I said, 'Yes, I believe Jesus can heal me.' He proceeded to command the spirit of infirmity to leave my body. By the time Shane completed his command, my thumbs felt as if being submerged in warm water. The warmth spread from the tip of my thumb to the joint connecting it to my hand. It was an unusual feeling, that of having heat only in my thumbs and nowhere else. I knew immediately that I was healed through the healing power of Jesus Christ. I am healed!" - Irene Y. 

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Tuesday, June 23 2015

"Hi Pastors Chas and Joni Stevenson. Blessings to you all in Jesus name. I want to thank you and your team of ministry workers for coming to the island of Trinidad during the week of June 12th-17th. I was blessed by your ministry of the Word, Pastor Joni was wonderful, Pastor Chas' teaching was powerful and of great understanding, and the team members were wonderful in their ministry, thank you all..."

Shanard A.

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Sunday, June 14 2015

"I had been dealing with neck pain for three months and I've been praying, confessing, and standing on the Word of God. This morning I woke up expecting something good to happen to me today. I knew today was the day that I would be healed. The guest minister, Pastor Dennis Luton, asked me some questions and then prayed over me and immediately the pain went away. I received my healing, praise God!"

Franchesca L.

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Wednesday, June 10 2015

Mary Lou had been having several nose bleeds a day for several days. She came to a Wednesday service and her nose started bleeding as she was asking for prayer. P Joni prayed and it stopped immediately, and she hasn't had any nosebleeds since then. Praise the Lord!

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Friday, June 05 2015

"I had been praying to God about getting out of debt. I know I had a poverty mentality that has run in the family. So, I bought and read the book Prosperity's 7 Link Chain, by Pastor Chas. As Pastor Chas recommended, I rearranged the way I paid everything so that God got the first off the top of my earnings. Then I put some money away for my savings. Then I paid my bills with whatever was left. Every time the devil would tell me 'you will never get out of debt' and would show me how big my debts were, I would quote God's Word back to him, and then I'd visualize ZERO stamped on my bills. At the Women of Faith Retreat, I decided I was going to praise God like David concerning my debts. And in that meeting, I had a release from something. Just a couple weeks later, a property we were trying to sell for over 10 years finally sold, and the profit was split between me and my
sister and my brother. I received enough to pay ALL of my bills to ZERO balances, with some leftover to invest with. Praise to God!"

Doris B.

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Thursday, June 04 2015

"God has done some seriously miraculous things. I have been praying over my mother, sister, and brothers; and in Jesus' name declaring healing from all sickness...and it's immediately left their bodies. I was praying over my little brother and demanded the sickness to leave his body and for it to be full of strength. As soon as we were done praying I said, 'How do you feel?' and he said, 'Oh my gosh, that was so fast! Thank you God!' Truly amazing!! God is moving in this place!"

Chloe L.

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Wednesday, June 03 2015

- During ministry at Healing Service, a lady told P Joni she had scoliosis. P Joni asked her to sit in a chair with both hips evenly against the back of the chair. It was evident that one leg was about an inch shorter than the other. P Joni commanded her leg to grow in Jesus' Name and the church people watched as it did. Her leg grew out an inch! And then P Joni commanded her spine, back, and hips to be straight and healed. 

- P Chas ministered to a lady with some paralysis and numbness from a stroke. The power of God touched her and as she lay on the floor, P Joni anointed her left arm with oil. And she began saying "I can feel it", whereas before she did not have any feeling in that arm. 

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Tuesday, June 02 2015

"I give honor and praise to King Jesus!

For me, I was healed in my throat from an infection. I no longer taste blood in my throat when I wake up in the morning!

And for my dad, he was healed in his back. Once I told him about my miracle and about the leg I witnessed growing out during the last Healing Service, he said he would make a special trip to HFC to get healed. But he was in so much pain, so I told him we could call. So I called the church and Ms. Dawn was able to minister healing to him. My dad had had a herniated disk since he was in his 30's. He had been putting off getting back surgery because they wanted to put a rod in his back and told him he needed 5 disk replacements. Once he was off the phone with Ms. Dawn he danced and rejoiced because he was healed!! He put on his walking shoes...and went for  a walk. Praise God!"

Gloria F.

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Tuesday, June 02 2015

"Friday morning I was working at my daughter's house. As she and her family were leaving, I noticed my son-in-law limping; he said his gout had come back and he could not understand why...he had done everything the doctor had asked. I asked if he would like me to lay hands on it and pray. I cursed the gout and told it to leave and not to come back. I saw him this morning, and he said he walked 10 miles on Saturay and 8 miles on Sunday! Praise you Jesus!"

 Paul J.

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