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Houston Faith Church
Thursday, June 19 2014

Pastor Chas prayed for one of the saints, saying, "Someone who has sores on their eyes come down." As he prayed for the person standing next to me, she fell out and I was instantly healed of my peripheral vision. Praise God!!”

Faith H.

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Monday, June 16 2014

I recently graduated from the Healing School, and God has really been working
in me:

  • Prayed for my lower back spasms and pain to go away in Jesus name, and got
    healed after 5 years of intense pain and therapy.
  • Prayed for worry to leave my husband, and he felt at peace afterwards.
  • Prayed for my son's stomach and headaches that he would get after every meal. I was
    even taking him to specialist to figure out what was wrong. He came crying
    to me one day that he couldn't take the pain, and I said; "Let's pray, God is
    going to heal you right NOW. Do you believe it?" He said, "yes." All I did was
    shout out for the pain to come out in Jesus name, and he was healed
    instantly. He started laughing and said, "That was magic, how did you do that?"
    I said, "God did it." No pain after eating anymore. Thank you Lord and Pastors
    for awesome teachings. I'm ready to do more healing.

Also, my Mom's chronic neck pain has been healed after Pastor Joni prayed for her.

Iris P.

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