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Thursday, November 04 2010

My husband, Victor, thought he was a healthy person experiencing acid reflux in March of 2005.  He had had trouble for about three months, especially after eating and riding his bicycle in the evening.  He finally went to the doctor, and after numerous tests, the doctors diagnosed that he was actually having heart attacks.  Those heart attacks had damaged and killed part of his heart, so the plan was to do a bypass and remove the dead part of his heart.  We decided to get a second opinion at St. Luke's, and after an MRI and CAT scan, they agreed with the first diagnosis.  I saw the results of the MRI on a computer - part of the heart was beating fine, but the dead part was not moving. 

It took three months to get everything set for the surgery, but when the day finally came and the doctor opened him up, the heart was beating normally.  The formally dead part was now alive!  The doctor said that the heart had "healed itself." 

(Oh, really?  If that was so normal, then why not test him again before opening him up?)  Of course, we know God healed Victor's heart because we believed God when we prayed, just like Jesus said to, "Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them."  Mark 11:24 

He went ahead and did bypass surgery just in case.  But Victor is still healthy and riding his bicycle four nights a week.


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Thursday, November 04 2010
Praise to God for:  One Friday a couple months ago, I woke up with a VERY sore arch. I could barely put any weight on that foot. I wasn't sure what caused it. I began speaking to it right away and had been for a couple of days, telling my foot it was healed and for the pain symptom to go in Jesus' Name. That Sunday morning I asked God for strength to stand on that foot during worship time and Jesus healed it in the midst of worship. After worshipping God, I walked around and all pain was gone! Glory to God!!
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