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Houston Faith Church
Listed below are some of the questions people have asked concerning various topics about God and about faith. We're confident you will find real answers to real questions. These answers are also a great place to get solid, precise explainations of some of Christianity's toughest questions.  Don't see your question listed?  

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As always, we're here for you! May God continue to bless you as you seek His truth!


Does the Bible teach that we should not have sex before marriage? Can the modern day
church change that? What about homosexuality? Is a gay minister married to another
man okay as long as he loves him?

How does Christian suffering play a role in our spiritual growth?

Can a Christian Lose His Salvation? 

Why do Christians meet on Sunday when the sabbath is Saturday?

Hair Coverings for Women?

Can Women Be Preachers...Scripturally?

What is the Truth About Word of Faith?

Did Jesus actually go down to hell after his crucifixion? What happened during the three days before his resurrection?

Is Satan under our feet already?  Or are we waiting for this event to take place?

What was Paul's "thorn in the flesh?" 

What is God's position on military armies and federal, state, local government police agencies?

When Jesus said to ask "In His Name", does this mean we are to ever command God? 

Can you briefly explain the Bible doctrine of "resurrection of the dead," according to Hebrews chapter 6?

What about those who have never heard of Jesus?

How is Jesus of the genealogy of David if Joseph is not His biological father?

The TITHE: Can I use it sometimes if I need it, like for severe family needs? 

Has Tongues Passed Away?

What About Jews, Gentiles, & the Church of God?

Praying, Or Worrying Out Loud?

Does every thing happen for a reason?

Do I Have Faith?, Part 1

Do I Have Faith?, Part 2

Does God Test People?

What do you mean when you say that praying is not the answer for everything?

Is "Pleading the Blood" scriptural?

Does unrepentant sin send a person to hell? What about suicide?


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