Houston Faith Church  | Sunday 10:30 am | Wednesday 7:00 pm   

    5630 N. Eldridge Pkwy Ste. 400  Houston, TX  77041   281-870-1010     |  Spirit Filled   |  Non Denominational  | Preaching the Word of Faith
    Pastors Chas Stevenson & Joni Stevenson

    What kind of church are we?  I would say…a really great one and a unique one (technically, a non-denominational, Spirit-filled, word of faith church in West - NorthWest Houston) – one that is built, on the uncompromised Word of God, and by the Spirit of God – a real New Testament Bible Church that  emphasizes spreading the truth of Jesus Christ, the love of God, Faith toward God, the Holy Spirit baptism, and the power of God for miracles, healings, and freedom from all evil.  And a place where people can really experience God, and find hope for both life on earth, and eternal life through Christ.

    While some churches promote how casual or laid back they are, we like to emphasize how serious we are in our walk with God.  Jesus said “hot” or “cold” but never lukewarm.  So, while we never harp on some dress code or silly legal formalities – how boring – we do stay fervent in serving God and major on partaking of God’s divine nature and His great promises - through the knowledge of Him.  To us, seeing the power of the Holy Spirit move in someone’s life is way more exciting than ….. really anything else!  And that’s why we exist – to help unbelievers meet Jesus Christ, and build strong Christians who can change their world!  So, whether you are searching for God for the first time, or whether you consider yourself Catholic, Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Assembly of God, Pentecostal, or anything else, Houston Faith church is a place where you can experience the Holy Spirit and learn to walk with God in a dynamic, Biblical way.  So take a look around the web site, and then come on over for a service!